Raggiana Coffee Roasters provides directly traded, ethically sourced coffees from one of the most unique coffee origins on the planet – Papua New Guinea. By collaborating at a farm level in PNG and by instituting some of the most rigorous processing guidelines ever seen in this origin, we are proud to present you with a selection of the finest PNG coffees we have ever tasted.
Our coffees help support free housing, healthcare, clean water, and five free children’s elementary schools for a community of over 3,000 farm workers and their families. This shade-grown farm also provides a natural habitat for over 90 species of birds.

What makes these beans so good?

Better farm practices

With some of the most untouched land on the planet, the best varietals, high elevations, and rich volcanic soil Papua New Guinea has ideal coffee growing conditions. What it lacks widely are great farm practices. By working with the most reputable single estates in Papua New Guinea and by implementing some of the most rigorous production guidelines seen in this origin, we’ve been able to source some of the best beans that have ever been produced in this country. These beans are award-winning, approachable, and consistently taste great. They are rich, sweet, and smooth black, but also work perfectly with cream and sugar.

Direct trade

Raggiana sources its coffee directly from the farmers. This ensures that purchases support actual coffee production and social programs as opposed to high middleman markups that are seen in more common import models. The vast majority of coffee in the world is sourced from importers who take advantage of small farmers. We support our farmers by paying fair prices and by directly investing in social projects to further support them. The result is a more sustainable sourcing model that produces better coffee by encouraging farmers to take care of the beans, as oppose to cutting corners to turn a profit.

Shade-Grown Coffee has a Positive Environmental Impact

● Shade grown coffee requires little or no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. The shade trees filter carbon dioxide which causes global warming, and aid in soil moisture retention which minimizes erosion.

● Migrating bird populations have been in rapid decline since the introduction of “sun” coffee and the consequent destruction of rainforest for more coffee plantations. As many as 90 species of birds have been identified on the shade coffee farms we work with.

● Coffee plantations which are chemically dependent suffer from soil depletion and increased erosion. Rainforests are stripped to provide fresh growing ground. Shade coffee farms are far more sustainable.



Clean & Green Beans

What does clean and green mean? It means this coffee is better for your body and better for the planet!

Our coffees contain rich, bountiful amounts of beneficial antioxidant CGA, or chlorogenic acid. Antioxidant-rich coffees like ours work for your body - detoxifying it and helping it fight off disease. CGA has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, various types of cancer, and Parkinson's disease. These coffees also tend to lower blood pressure and act as an anti-inflammatory.
Our coffees underwent something called a CDFA multi-residue screening. This is a combination of tests covering over 150 common pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and fungicides. The tests follow the widely accepted regulations and standards of the California Department of Food and Agriculture. The tests came back clean, or “Not Detected”, for every single chemical, pesticide, mold, heavy metal and toxin in the screen.